Knife Pulled During Franklin Road Rage Incident


A Franklin man is out on bond after a road rage incident with a knife lands him in jail for Aggravated Assault.

At 4:40 pm on 04/13/2017, an officer came upon an in-progress disturbance in front of a church on Oak Meadow Drive. Officers arrested a 56-year-old man after determining that he used a knife to assault another driver whose rear windshield sprayer sprayed his vehicle.

The incident began near Centennial High school, where the man became upset and held up the open blade of a knife, threatening occupants of the other vehicle. The man followed the other vehicle all the way to Oak Meadow Drive where he blocked in the victim’s car, and approached. That is when the officer pulled up and intervened.

All charges have been dismissed and all public records of the incident will be expunged.