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UPDATE 3.12.14:

We’ve just learned that Amy Grant is also playing a role in this movie! What a cast!

Original Story 3.11.14

Williamson County can add another movie credit to its resume–Kevin Sorbo is in town for the making of an independent film called the “The Secret Handshake.”

Sorbo, most recognized for his role as Hercules, plays a father named Roy Roper who takes a young man, Brody (Steven Dady) under his wing. Brody, who has recently lost his father, is struggling to transition from a boy to a man, making several missteps along the way.

Roy enlists the help of a couple of other dads, played by Scott Baker and Bryan Kennedy, to show Brody what being a man is all about. They leave the comforts of suburbia for the woods, where they have heartfelt talks and experience some good ole male bonding.

“The Secret Handshake” screenwriter Howie Klausner, said the inspiration for this film came from a request of a friend to write a letter to his 13-year-old son about words of wisdom on becoming a man. As he sat down to reflect on what life lessons he wanted to pass on to this young man, he also thought about his own life; Klausner lost his father at the age of 13. You can find the powerful letter on Howie Klausner’s blog. In less than 24 hours, his post received over 1,200 hits. From there, the big idea of “The Secret Handshake” was put into motion–a motion picture which is what Klausner does best. Klausner’s credits include “Space Cowboys”, “The Grace Card”, “Soul Surfer” and the “Last Ride.”

In most cultures,  when young boys pass into manhood, a ceremony representing this rite of passage occurs. Today, we often neglect to recognize such a moment in time. “The Secret Handshake” brings that awkward but special time in every young boy’s life front and center.

Filming will continue throughout this week in several locations. To find out more on how to be an extra for an upcoming shoot at Franklin High School, follow “The Secret Handshake” on Twitter–@TSHMovieinfo. Look for “The Secret Handshake” in theaters late fall of 2014.

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  1. This sounds like sn awesome movie. I think that all fathers may benefit from the story. As well as the sons (children) of which the story is built around would benefit from seeing different views. I would expect for it to be a great movie all around. If extras are needed and me and my family would be able to be a part of it then that would be great. If not cant wait to see it on the big screen!

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