Keith Urban’s Releases New Video “Superman”

Keith Urban has not stopped creating during quarantine, releasing “Superman,” his latest single written by Captain Cuts, dance/electronic/pop songwriting, production and mixing trio and Craig Weisman, a sought after songwriter.

Of “Superman” Urban says, in a statement, that it’s a song specifically written with a bunch of places in mind, but it’s written metaphorically.

“I like when listeners can put their own story, their own faces and their own characters into the song, and this one to me, is definitely one of those songs.”

The beginning of the video is a throwback to the 80s song “Take on Me,” which Urban tells Variety is one of his favorite videos. Urban enlisted Andymation to create a flipbook that Urban is holding at the start of “Superman.”

“And obviously trying to shoot a video right now is challenging, as any artist can testify. So it’s about trying to come up with a way where we could do something a little different and not just be dependent upon solely green-screen type performance or a solo performance. I was talking with Ben Dalgleish, who’s this really great creative designing artist in my world who put together our whole Vegas show that we did. We were talking about the Aha “Take on Me” video, and he said, ‘Well, what about a flipbook video?’ He hooked me up with a guy called Andymation, who has a really popular channel on YouTube, and we brought him to start work on the concept. I did some filming here in Nashville over at our warehouse. We have a warehouse where we store all our equipment and we have a big green-screen setup there, so we shot all of my performance there.”

Urban’s album The Speed of Now will be released on September 18. For the latest news, visit his Facebook.