Karianne Jean at Puckett’s Boat House Tonight

Karianne Jean at Puckett's Boat House

Karianne Jean is an up&coming singer/songwriter from Palmdale, CA. Since moving to Nashville last year she has been hard at work writing, co-writing and performing around town. Karianne performs at 7:30pm at Puckett’s Boat House tonight, no cover charge.

About Karianne Jean

Karianne Jean began singing at just two-years old. Her mother, a classically trained vocalist, encouraged her to pursue any dream and taught her proper technique when singing. She says that her home was always filled with music and her mom always played great voices which Jean would mimic as a young girl.

At the age of 12, she started writing songs. “They were mostly poems back then but I always wrote to a melody in my head, they were acapella songs I guess,” she said. Since then, Jean has taken Songwriting classes in college and employed a music theory teacher, Los Angeles’s Andrew Weitz, who taught her about the musical side of the songs she’d been writing for a decade. He also taught her to play basic piano which she feels brought her craft full circle. “When I learned how to make sense of chords on the piano to aid in my writing it made everything so much clearer to me! Finally I could write a song top to bottom without any help if I wanted to.”

Jean grew up in Palmdale, CA, a small desert town about 2.5 hours from Los Angeles. She moved to Studio City, CA at 22 years old and lived there for about a year while she worked with a producer by the name of Craig Stull who she co-wrote her single with, “Cactus.”

Today, Karianne is living in Nashville, diving headfirst into songwriting and the country music community. “I don’t do anything lightly, I knew if I wanted to make it in Country music I would have to move to Nashville eventually so I just took the plunge with the support of my long-time boyfriend, family and friends. This is what I have always known I was meant to do and I’m just so ready to live in the journey” says Jean.

Karianne’s lead single off her debut EP project “Don’t Miss EP” was “Cactus”- a song about growing up. “It’s really a song about what made me who I am and a lot of that is where I came from. I always want to show my fans who I am. They are so supportive and sweet and open with me, I want to be the same with them.”

“Cactus” was nominated for “Country Song of the Year” at the 2015 IMEA awards & won BEST COUNTRY/ROCK song @ the April 2016 Akademia Awards. Her EP was also nominated for Country Album of the Year at the 2016 IMEA awards.

The success of Karianne Jean is inevitable. A little over a year into her residence in Nashville, she has collaborated with some of Country music’s brightest new stars and has learned from the best in the business.

You can find Karianne Jean’s most recent single, CACTUS on itunes NOW. You can find Karianne Jean online at http://www.kariannejean.com/ .

Call Puckett’s Boat House at (615)790-2309 or BOOK ONLINE for dinner & show reservations.