Jodi in the Bubble: Fluffy Not Fat

Jodi in the Bubble

I do not like the word fat. A preferable and much more gentle word is fluffy. Either way, when having body fat measured at the Brentwood YMCA by a 26-year-old Wellness Coordinator, who also happens to be an Olympic Rugby Player, the feeling of despair is magnified by the fact that I was staring at a young, beautiful athlete. Sigh.

This has been a tough year. I broke my knee last winter, on Valentine’s Day no less. No love in this story about the experience. Making matters worse my physician informed me that eventually I would need a knee replacement. Gone were my days of Zumba dancing and five mile walks as it has taken the past five plus months to recover.

When I met sweet little Sally O’ Malley (that’s not really her first name but yours truly loves the old Saturday Night Live skits with Molly Shannon’s character Sally O’Malley exclaiming, “I can kick, and lunge and kick.” I am 50-years-old so it fits.) she got me excited about a new program offered at the Brentwood Y. Well, maybe not new, however new to me.

Enlisting my side kick and partner in middle age eating, my Ken doll tagged along to the first meeting. During circle time I felt foolish thinking how did I get to this place? We were both fit people, or we used to be. Life, food and my hubby’s amazing hand at making Lemon Drop Martini’s had somehow brought us to this place.

Back to measurements and body fat; kicking good old Ken doll out of the cubby where good old Sally would measure my fluffiness in private, my numbers are what they are. Knowing the facts though will help motivate me to stay on the journey. Right?

What I didn’t realize is that the cubby did not go all the way to the ceiling so while I was trying to hide the results from good old Ken, he heard every word. Cannot get a break, the ugly truth was out.

Here is the kicker my dear readers, in what is the most unjust, unfair and frustrating fact was that Ken doll’s body fat was almost perfect. Making the mistake of smiling, making eye contact with me like a big old Cheshire cat who just ate the mouse of his dreams, I glared back with green eyes flashing a warning, have you heard the old saying, “If looks could kill?”

To my hubby’s defense, Ken had not birthed four children and he had been a competitive runner his entire life. Even if he did have a little pooch belly the kids named “Miller” because he drinks Miller beer mowing the lawn, the truth is he is an athlete.

I put on my big girl pants and we were off to begin our ActiveTrax program. It’s really a wonderful perk of being a member as you get a computerized workout designed for you. Like working with a personal trainer, however the computer is the trainer. It’s great for people self motivated members like me and my Ken doll.

We are now into week two and both loving the program. Yes, I’m facing the fact that my hubby will lose quicker than me, however working out is not about anyone else except yourself.

I’m choosing me. By getting healthier, stronger and I’m hoping to postpone knee surgery and build muscles to support bone.

If you’re a YMCA member, look into the program; you won’t regret it.

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