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“Honey, it’s just a goldfish.” The past few weeks yours truly has been an emotional, hot mess! This statement probably deserves not one, but two exclamation points. My friends had all been talking about “the moment” when they became emotional thinking about their child being away at college.

To be quite honest, with all four home for the month of August, my hubby and me thought a dose of peace and quiet was going to be great.

We had whirlwind move-in’s for our second and third child, within a day of each other. Beyond the fact that moving a boy into a dorm room is much easier than moving a girl into a sorority house, we were simply too busy to think.

During this same time our oldest who is living at home started her internship, and graduate school at night. With only the youngest home in the evenings, the quiet began to set in.

It started with my son telling me to stay home as he and his daddy were going to run errands, “No girls allowed.” Good, I can sit and watch the TV and not have to watch their silly guy shows.

Being alone, there was the moment sitting in the family room when memories began flooding my mind, the burning question, “Where had time gone?” All of a sudden it hit me.

About this same time I looked over and something in the fish tank caught me eye. One of my sons’ 10-year-old goldfish, was floating at the top of the tank. Affectionately named “Bob, Bob, Bob and Bob” the fish were huge, all between 5-7 inches long. My son loved his fish we got at the pet store when he was six-years-old.

The tears started. And they didn’t stop.

My son came home and before I could say a word he looked at the tank and said, “Mama, my fish is dead.” My husband and son took care of the fish while I sat in a chair crying. Why you may be asking was I crying over the fish?

The fish was just the straw that broke the camel’s back as the old saying goes. It was the realization of time and that my nest was quickly becoming empty. While I love being a wife, a business woman, the past 23 years, the role that has taken the majority of my time and energy, was parenting.

It’s a new season and thankfully I have two years until we say goodbye to number four child. I’m actually excited about some new projects, and my husband and I are spending more time together, and that is a wonderful feeling. God is good.

Until next week my dear readers.

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