Jodi in the Bubble

It’s hard enough some days to find the motivation to exercise. However what makes it even harder is to step on an elliptical and be bullied. Yes, you heard me correctly. Obviously, no offense to you male readers, but this machine had to be invented by a man.

I’m recovering from a stress fracture in my knee and the elliptical has become my new best friend, or so my orthopedic doctor tells me. Who is of course a man and probably helped invent the machine that’s driving me to insanity.

Who designs a machine that if you don’t peddle fast enough it punishes you? You heard me correctly. Punished, shamed. “Peddle faster the fan is disabled if you don’t go above…” Excuse me, I’m menopausal was what I wanted to scream! I have a hot flash just thinking about moving.

Giving it my best ant and the rubber tree effort, I begin to peddle faster. To make time pass quicker, I try to turn on the TV however again a little message pops up on the screen, “The TV is disabled if peddling goes below…”

What’s next? I envision a retractable hand built into the machine that comes out and say’s, “No water for you!” Why not just go further and take away my oxygen?

Look people, give me some sympathy here. I’m at the gym, I’m trying. You see unless Jillian Michaels is the trainer, most women would be like, “Come on honey! You can do it. Push yourself.” No such luck.

The poor young Wellness Director that I talked to about the machine kept apologizing and saying he would check the machine out, he never heard of such a thing. Felt badly, was actually not complaining, actually thought it was hysterically funny and gave me something to share with my readers.

Today I’m going to go back and conquer the machine, actually I gave up and chose another style of elliptical that I like better.

Until next week, keep moving and living life. And, keep laughing it’s medicine for the soul.

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