JJs Wine Bar Presents Expected Wine Trends for 2021

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COVID-19 changed a lot in how the world operates, including how we gather, stay connected, socialize and make purchases or receive guidance. This trend has extended to the wine industry as well. But there’s a lot more to wine trends than just what’s dictated by the pandemic. Read on for wine trends, including social and environmental responsibility, how wine is purchased and how we learn about wines.


One of the biggest trends this upcoming year features responsibility, both to the environment and to fellow humankind. And at JJs Wine Bar, we think that’s pretty awesome. Numerous wineries have started out of a desire for clean, sustainable and environmentally-friendly wine. Some wineries focus on reducing their carbon footprint, while others may lean toward organically grown grapes or wines featuring lower sugar, carb and sulfite contents. Regardless of which path they choose to take, planet and health conscious vitners are responding to the consumer request of responsibility towards the earth and our bodies.

Other responsibility-centric winemakers understand that consumers, particularly millennials, want their dollars to matter and make a difference beyond just profit for an organization. Sellers choose a variety of charities and causes to support, including breast cancer and mammogram support, children with autism, climate change and fighting hunger in America. If there is a cause near and dear to your heart, chances are there is a wine company that shares your passion.

Wine Purchasing

While online and direct sale wine subscriptions have existed for a few years, the pandemic undoubtedly changed the way wine is bought. Numerous wine companies reported online and direct sales increased between 85-450% over the prior year! And while COVID-19 may have been the catalyst, we don’t think the direct sale avenue of wine will drop back to prior levels when the world begins to open up again. In the same way that companies are having to reevaluate the long-term desire for employees to work remotely, wine manufacturers expect direct sales will continue to be a trend in wine sales.

Another new trend in wine purchasing includes curbside or carry out! Many local governments loosened or changed restrictions about restaurants or bars selling alcohol to-go. JJs Wine Bar now proudly offers beer, cocktails and bottles of wine for sale with takeout orders!

Learning About Wine

Remember the good old days when you could go on a wine tasting at a vineyard? Many companies have become very creative in how they offer tastings or education to the public. Customers can purchase a tasting, with a flight or several bottles (and sometimes accompanying food pairings!) shipped to them in preparation for an online, interactive wine presentation and tasting. Plan ahead to make sure your product arrives in time!

Other new wine education tools include apps that can educate a consumer on the wine discovery track. This is especially beneficial for patrons who previously relied on recommendations from sommeliers or wine shop employees.

Subscription boxes in which you get automatic shipments of a product, such as razor blades, clothing or beauty products have become all the rage the past few years. So, why not wine? A subscription box for wine is yet another way wine lovers can branch out and explore a variety of wines and niches within the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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