JJs Wine Bar for Dinner? Three Fantastic Ways to Enjoy JJs!

JJ's Wine Bar Dinner Options

JJs Wine Bar is known for its outstanding wine selection, by the glass or bottle. But JJs is so much more. Though the restaurant’s food offerings pair well with their wines and other adult beverages, JJ’s food menu is fantastic on its own!

JJs Dine-In

If you have been chomping at the bit to get outside of your four walls, you’ll be delighted to hear that JJ’s is open for dine-in, while still adhering to social distance and CDC guidelines to protect their guests and staff. Go for appetizers, linger for dinner and stay for dessert! JJ’s knowledgeable wait staff can help you find the perfect food to suit your mood and your drink! And remember, at JJs Wine Bar, dine-in isn’t limited to “in.” The restaurant also has lovely outdoor seating available.

JJs Take-Out

Maybe you aren’t able to eat in a restaurant. Or maybe you are tired of coming up with dinner ideas. Or maybe those with whom you live are driving you a little nutty and you’re Just. Plain. Tired. Let JJs Wine Bar handle dinner tonight! Whether you’re looking for something relaxing like a charcuterie board or one of the restaurant’s delicious appetizers, something a little heartier like a handheld or artisan flatbread, or an indulging dessert, JJ’s can hit the spot for dinner. And best of all, Tennessee laws permit curbside wine and alcohol sales during this COVID-19 pandemic, so you can pair your favorite wine or beer with your dinner. (After you get home. Please don’t drink and drive!)

Quarantine Date Night

Yes, this concept also involves take-out… but this is somewhere in between dining in a restaurant and taking the food home. (You know, that place where there are children or parents or dishes to be washed or laundry waiting.) This is all about being together alone.

While many people are working from home or not working, it may feel like you and your significant other are always together. But are you intentional? Are you connecting or simply coexisting?

Put the devices down and be together. Order your food and drink, then indulge in one of these great date night ideas while still staying safe.

  • Picnic Date. It doesn’t get dark very early right now. Grab a blanket and some scrumptious food and find your favorite spot. Whether it’s a field or by the water’s edge, the bed of a truck or a picnic table, find a quiet place to enjoy your meal and reconnect with your partner.
  • Dine and Dash. Or Dash and Dine. Or stroll. Either way, enjoy fresh air and nature by taking a walk, a hike or a run. Keep your JJs salad in a cooler to enjoy afterwards. Or split a couple of flatbreads and appetizers, then walk through your favorite park.
  • Drive-In Movie Night. Movies in the park may not be happening this summer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have other options. Whether you set up a projection screen in the backyard, snuggle up around a 5” phone screen on a porch swing, or use the headrest screens and curl up in the backseat of your vehicle, dinner and a movie is still alive and well!

Contact JJs Wine Bar at 615-942-5033 to order curbside or take out.