And the story keeps getting better!  The Twitter campaign(#AndrewShadowJimmy) that Andrew Kochamba, a senior at Franklin High School, launched to help his chances at job shadowing Jimmy Fallon has now reached Fallon himself.

We spoke to Kochamba yesterday who told us he spoke Gavin Purcell, producer with The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon. Soon after their phone coversation, Jimmy Fallon released the following video on his Twitter, in which he surprises Kochamba by letting him know he’s headed to New York. “We are going to send you to New York, I’d be honored if you would be my shadow,” Fallon says on the call. In just 12 hours, the video has over 67.000 views.   Watch it below.

Franklin Senior Will Shadow Jimmy Fallon Have You Heard of the New Viral Trend Called Phone Pinching?