Jet Man at St Phillip's Church

Jet Man (the official mascot for Jet’s Pizza) stopped by the Fun & Laughter camp at St Phillip’s Church in downtown Franklin last week.

The Fun & Laughter Camp is for rising K-5th graders. It is a day camp full of games, crafts, outdoor activities and more!

About Jet’s Pizza

Jet’s Pizza® has rapidly risen through the ranks to become the twelfth largest pizza chain in the nation.

Eugene Jetts and his brother John Jetts opened the first Jet’s Pizza® in 1978 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Fourteen years later, after opening and operating several successful “Jet’s Pizza®” stores, a corporation called Jet’s® America was formed with business partners Jim Galloway, Jr. and Jeff Galloway.

Since opening their first pizzeria, Jet’s® has been selling pizza, submarine sandwiches and salads that have been pleasing the palates of people everywhere. But the single menu item that Jet’s Pizza® has become famous for, above anything else, is their signature deep-dish square pizza. It is this style of pizza, and the way it is exclusively prepared, that differentiates Jet’s Pizza® from any other pizzeria on the planet. Jet’s Pizza® only uses the highest quality ingredients; they have built their business, their reputation, and their taste on keeping it that way.

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