is Now Amazon’s Main Rival
Marc Lore, CEO of new e-commerce site and his team during a meeting in the conference room at headquarters on Apr. 28, 2015 in Montclair, NJ.

Not familiar with  Soon, you will be. is a ground breaking start-up e-retailer which has already accumulated 100,000 trial members. Tuesday, opened fully to the public across the country, reports Time Magazine. will be spending more than $100 million dollars on advertising by way of billboards and TV ads.

Here are three things to know about

1. Membership is required.

2. First three months of membership is FREE

3. It promises the  best prices anywhere on the internet

And says they will make no money whatsoever on your order.  Profit is generated by the membership fee.  You can buy anything from toilet paper to electronics. Sounds like we have found a new place to shop. Read the rest of the story at Time Magazine. 

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