Jeni’s Finds Source of Listeria

It was a pint filling machine that caused a big listeria scare for Jeni’s Ice Cream.

In a statement, Jeni’s  says “As we previously stated we can now say we have located the smoking gun. Our swab testing found Listeria on the spout of one of our production machines. It is a machine we use to fill a portion of our pints. The machine was not used to fill buckets that we scoop from in our shops, but we are nonetheless continuing with our plan to dispose of all of those buckets.”

In a previous statement, Jeni’s says they have destroyed more than half a million pounds of ice cream costing the company  2.5 million dollars.

CEO John Lowe says, “We’ll never be 100% certain how Listeria got onto the machine. Our job now is to rework our production kitchen into a facility that provides the best defenses against any contamination, and we have enlisted some of the world’s top food safety experts to help in that effort.”

Jeni’s will spend an estimated 200,000 to rework their kitchen with improvements to their layout, Streamlining the movement of employees and ingredients, establishing color coded hygienic  zones, installing systems to spray antibacterial foam across footpaths and sanitary crystals will be placed around drain pipes.

“The plans we have for reworking our kitchen, along with improved standard operating procedures that go above and beyond federal and state guidelines, will enable us to make the quality of ice creams we are known for, in the safest possible way. We are hopeful that we will be able to resume ice cream production in the very near future.”

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