JCF Opens Corporate Office in Spring Hill

photo from JCF

Development company JCF has announced the opening of its new corporate office in Spring Hill, TN. This space represents an acceleration of growth within JCF as a whole and gives JCF team members an atmosphere that enhances productivity, collaboration, and creativity. The new corporate headquarters are located at 2210 Spedale Ct. Spring Hill, TN 37174.

Since JCF anticipates rapid growth throughout the Southeastern U.S., they chose an optimal office location just South of Nashville and Franklin—positioned for efficient travel to the future communities. This office space is also an excellent location for hiring from a wider range of talent. This 5,000 square foot building has several custom conference rooms, various collaborative spaces, an open concept kitchen, a coffee bar, and more, all to enhance team member experience.

JCF Living is a development company that builds “Housement” communities in the Southeastern U.S.  JCF patented  “Housements” with their first rental development in Huntsville, Ala. The housement concept is “all of the ease of apartment living, with the luxuries and freedom of home ownership.” With two future communities currently under construction in Florida’s Panhandle, and another in development in Nashville’s suburb, Lebanon, JCF anticipates a successful year with extensive expansion!

“If we are going to make a long-term impact on the rental industry, we need to keep moving forward. This new office was a strategic milestone to get to where we need to be. Our Huntsville development is just the beginning for us,” said CEO John Fitzmaurice.