Jason Aldean - Brittany Kerr

Jason Aldean and wife, Brittany cleverly announced they were having a baby. First, Aldean’s wife, Brittany posted on her Instagram account the message and photo below as the couple wore t-shirts that said “Baby Mama” and Baby Daddy.”

Then Aldean posted a photo of the couple on his Facebook page where it showed a bun in the oven. “Been hard to keep this secret but we couldn’t be happier to add to our family. This year just gets better and better. #bunintheoven,” Aldean stated. Jason Aldean Aldean married Brittany Kerr, former American Idol contestant, in 2015.  This will be their first child together. Aldean has two daughters, Kendyl, 9, and Keeley, 14 from his 12-year marriage to Jessica Ussery that ended in April 2013. No word yet on whether the couple will reveal the gender of the baby or the official due date.