Let me first start off by saying this is in no way the time to start panicking and losing our heads over a lost season (yet). It’s still only two loses with 13 games to be played. But the way the Titans are presenting themselves, I’ll bet there aren’t a lot of positive feelings in Tennessee.

With the latest loss, a 33-7 pounding at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals (3-0), the Titans (1-2) played just as miserably as they did last week against Dallas. The Bengals should be considered one of the top teams in the NFL and let Tennessee have it. The Titans were woeful on both sides of the ball, the defense was chewed apart, spread out and out of sync. Special teams looked like a joke, accounting two missed field goals, a failed punt, committing a penalty in the end zone that resulted in a safety.

Then we have that offense. All offseason we had been promised of a new offensive system laid out by a new set of eyes in Ken Whisenhunt and that a healthy Jake Locker will finally find his footing and show his leadership and poise at quarterback. Really? How good does everyone feel about Locker now?

That’s why I’m calling for Locker to be benched. Today.

After throwing 18-of-34 for 234 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions on the Cowboys, he managed to do worse on Sunday: 17-of-34 completions for 185 yards and 2 picks. No touchdowns. For another week in row, Locker looked more like a redshirt freshman than a fourth-year starter: overthrowing his receivers, under throwing his receivers, and makes terrible decisions like throwing deep into double coverage in a sea of orange jerseys. Is this the guy Tennessee counts on to compete in the NFL?

Whisenhunt sure thinks so. He was asked during postgame questions about if Locker should be benched, he disagreed and said Locker was “his guy.” I just don’t get it.

Sure, we can look at the standings and the Titans are only one game behind in their division so there’s no need to clean house and push the restart button just yet. But the season doesn’t get any easier: Tennessee is on the road for the second-straight game in Week 4 with the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck carved up Jacksonville yesterday with 4 touchdown passes, completing 33-of-39 for 370 yards and no picks. I don’t feel any better after seeing those stats.

If Locker and the Titans can stiff the Colts and win somehow, then we might be singing a different tune next Sunday. Locker has shown he can play well (Week 1 in Kansas City), but changes will need to be made if there is another inconsistent performance.