Jack the Wallaby

The adventurous Jack the Wallaby, who many might remember from when he went went missing last year in Brentwood, has died. According to Instagram, Jack the Wallaby died on Tuesday at 5 p due to Central Nervous System Lymphoma, cancer that couldn’t be treated.

On the Jack the Wallaby Instagram page a message was posted saying, “It’s a strange thing to write about your own passing. Part of you to wants to simply slip away quietly so as to not upset anyone. When you’ve lived your life to make others smile it’s a terrible thought that you might make them cry. The rest of you wants one last chance at goodbyes; to let everyone know you’ll miss them and it will be okay. I miss you, and it will be okay.”

When Jack the Wallaby was lost in Brentwood back in 2017, we stopped by to meet Jack and his owner, Alex Fasching. Watch our interview below.

Be sure to follow Jack the Wallaby on Facebook and Instagram. In the coming days, they will be sharing their favorite moments of Jack the Wallaby and ask those who had met him to leave a message or share photos.