IveyCake Announces New Owner


Ivey Childers, founder/owner of Brentwood sweet shop IveyCake, recently announced she sold the bakery to fellow IveyCake employee Whitney Opalek.

“The kitchen is where I made a thoughtful choice to listen to the rhythm of my imagination and began creating. I witnessed a kind of magic in each and every flavor of cake and icing that made its way out of my head and into my mixer. I can’t believe this September, IveyCake will celebrate 11 years as a brick-and-mortar bakery,” she wrote on Instagram.

Of Whitney, Childers wrote that she has been a “trusted employee with incredible cake decorating skills. Truly, I could not have asked for a more capable person to take the reins. She’s pretty much a dream-come-true: with years of bakery management experience under her belt.”

IveyCake will continue to offer customers the products they’ve come to love, Childers added.

What’s next for Childers? She says she will be spending more time with her two daughters and working on recipe development.

Lastly, Childers thanked all her supporters and customers for their years of loyalty.

“Thank you all for your indescribable love and support of IveyCake. To have such customer loyalty since 2008 in such a competitive marketplace like Nashville is no small feat. And trust me when I say: IveyCake is just getting started.”

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IveyCake is located at 117 Franklin Road, Brentwood. Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 10 a – 6 p.