It’s Lights Out for Jellystone Park this Christmas Season

Jellystone Park Christmas Lights

A Christmas tradition for many families in the mid-state area will not be available this holiday season.

According to WKRN, Jellystone Park’s Dancing Lights Display will not continue its tradition as they have for the last seven years.

This issue pertains to traffic. As the attraction drew 45,000 visitors, it created congestion and traffic issues on Briley Parkway and Music Valley Drive. In addition, there are issues with permits and traffic plans.

Jellystone posted the following message on their Facebook page.

“Regarding the Christmas light show:
First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support. It is deeply appreciated. WE NEED YOUR HELP! For the past seven years, we have complied 100% with the city in every capacity. We are not required to obtain a permit, there are NO lease issues, and have always followed Metro police department’s traffic plan and suggestions at our own expense. We would like to ask all of our fans to reach out to Councilman Jeff Syracuse 615-862-6780 [email protected], Douglas Sloan at Planning and Zoning 615-862-7150 [email protected], and Mayor Megan Berry ‘s office 615-862-6000 to help us right this wrong, as we never agreed to “pull the plug” on the light show. We ask you to please be respectful with your comments but please let the city know your thoughts. LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES AND ANY NEW INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUTURE OF OUR SHOW.”