It’s Go Time For Preds in Game Four


As in go home for Game 5 with a win, or go home down 3-1 in a best of 7. Either way after tonight the Preds will be coming home. It should be easier than this. After winning consistently through February and Mid-March,  the rest of the season looked like the Preds of old : sloppy play, inconsistency and confusion. We wrote it off saying, “Coach is trying new things”. Turns out this team is hitting a cold snap at the wrong time. With a rookie goaltender , Chicago has taken a 2-1 lead in this best of 7, and without Weber and Fisher in Game 3 the Preds struggled mightily.

So it’s Game 4 tonight in Chicago at 7:00. We invite you to join us at Wild Wing Cafe from 3-6 today for 102.5 Sports Night with George Plaster, Willy Daunic, and Floyd Reese for pre-game talk and probably some NFL Draft talk also.

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