We spend countless ways getting into the Christmas spirit. Often it is as simple as a cup of hot chocolate by the fire. It might be the ritual of putting up the Christmas tree. Taking a drive around the city to see Christmas lights and decorations. We make our list  of Christmas songs we need to hear during the holidays. It’s all about the spirit of Christmas. “It’s a Wonderful Life”  does just that, it reminds us what actually is the spirit of Christmas. During the year, we go hurriedly from place to place keeping to a jam packed schedule. There’s one thing that George Bailey does that we often do as we go our way- helping others in ways that may not seem that tangible. But there comes a time when we all need each other. “It’s a Wonderful Life”   reminds us how valuable each interaction we have in life.  All of those interactions  means something. We are always making an impression. And when George Bailey needs his circle of friends the most, they are there to step in. It’s your very own spirit of Christmas hug.

Studio Tenn is  showing “It’s a Wonderful Life” now through December 20th at The Factory in Franklin in Jamison Hall. Featuring a familiar cast including Brent Maddox as George Bailey, Shannon Hoppe as Mary Hatch, Matthew Carlton as Clarence, Chip Arnold as Old Man Potter, Nan Gurley as Ma Bailey, Denice Hicks as Aunt Tilly, and Erin Parker as Mrs. Carter, and others. Tickets prices start $50 -$65. Buy your tickets now to this holiday classic before it sells out or before its too late to start your new Christmas tradition with Studio Tenn.

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