Is It Time for a Tutor? Catch Up Before It’s Too Late.

by Learning Lab

Is It Time for a Tutor_ Catch Up Before It’s Too Late.

Were you surprised by your child’s October report card? Learn something unexpected in your latest parent-teacher conference? As we near the mid-way point of the 2021-2022 school year, now is a great time to help your child get back on track in subjects where they may have fallen behind.

Help Is Just a Phone Call Away at The Tutoring Center at Learning Lab!

The Tutoring Center at Learning Lab can help your student strengthen study skills, solidify their learning, and catch up in classes where they have been slipping behind. At Learning Lab, we meet students where they are and empower them to grow into their full potential.

Our professional educators tutor students from Kindergarten through 12th grade in nearly every subject. Our expert staff can even accommodate specific course needs – even if you do not see the requested class listed on on our site. Commonly taught subjects and skills include:

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • English
  • Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Social Studies
  • Study Skills
  • Test Prep
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Subjects

Not only do private tutoring students have the opportunity to learn the subject material, they’re also exposed to study skills, time management principles, and organizational habits that can be applied to all of their educational experiences.

Experience the Learning Lab Difference

Learning Lab offers an exceptional experience for students and parents.

  • No contracts. Work with our tutors for only the time you need.
  • Flexible. We adjust to fit your schedule.
  • Consistent. Your child will always work with the same tutor.
  • Fit. We pair students with qualified tutors who fit your child’s personality and specific academic needs.
  • Customized. There is no one-size-fits-all. Students receive instruction that is custom-tailored to their learning style and academic needs.
  • Monitoring. We continuously monitor and evaluate progress, providing feedback along the way.
  • Educated. Every tutor has a bachelor’s degree.
  • Safe and Professional. All tutors have undergone a background check and drug testing.

Tutoring isn’t just helpful for students. From the parent’s perspective, tutoring can be a tremendous benefit. After all, at homework time, it can be challenging to teach a subject that you yourself may not have studied in years. Are you ready to get started?

Visit the Tutoring Center at Learning Lab

If you think your child may benefit from private tutoring at the Tutoring Center at Learning Lab please contact one of our two convenient locations in Brentwood or Nashville.


5500 Maryland Way, Suite 110
Brentwood, TN 37027


2416 21st Avenue South, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37212

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