Ironwood Academy is Accepting Applications for Fall 2020

Josh Straub
photo from Ironwood Academy

Ironwood Academy, a private, non-denominational, Christian educational program for grades 1-12 is now enrolling students for fall 2020.  Our hybrid model offers the best of a progressive affordable private school to parents who have considered homeschooling their children, but who may not be comfortable teaching all subjects.  Ironwood hires certified teachers with advanced degrees to teach all courses using a variety of curricula that meets or exceeds State standards. More like college, classes meet only three days per week–on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday–which allows for more family time and enables students at all ages to explore various areas of interest that develop his/her unique talents and giftedness.

Ironwood has collaborated with national Christian child development expert, Dr. Joshua Straub, to curate a first-of-its-kind emotional intelligence (EQ) curriculum that will be taught to all students in grades 1-12.  Ironwood Academy’s objective is to provide an emotionally-safe environment in which students (and parents) will be given specific tools to identify and regulate emotions and, just as importantly, to recognize and respect others’ feelings.  The curriculum will include training on neurobiological concepts regarding brain structure, development and function; healthy problem solving and coping skills; cognitive flexibility and language processing; as well as teaching and practicing listening and social skills.

Dr. Josh Straub commented, “The EQ curriculum is at the intersection of psychology and spirituality, providing essential life skills that are rarely taught in schools.  When Google found a few years ago that ‘soft skills’—that is, empathy, emotional safety, and emotional intelligence—were the top characteristics of their most productive teams, it began to change the way we view how we prepare today’s students. Ironwood is at the forefront of this movement.”

Terry Morris, executive director of Ironwood Academy, added, “I often hear from parents who complain that they seldom have enough time with their children. Kids are stressed out, depressed, and anxious going to school five days a week with hours of homework in the evenings and no time or opportunity to develop other interests.  Too much pressure and peer influence.  The extra-curricular activities that are so important to create whole human beings who are well-rounded have been given short shrift in the public school system.  Our flexible model helps kids identify and explore their passions, whether in music, dance, athletics, fine arts, or as entrepreneurs, while at the same time giving them a strong academic foundation.  Many students will go on to college; some may choose another path in a trade or start a business.  Our job is to equip young adults to pursue their individual avenues for success.  The EQ curriculum that Josh will teach, combined with robust academics in math, science, language arts and history, will produce smart, happy and productive individuals.”

Other aspects that set Ironwood Academy apart are: meeting in a safe, inconspicuous commercial office building; beginning the day at 9:00 a.m. because research clearly shows that students do better with a later start time; less reliance on testing; small class sizes of no more than 12 students per teacher; detailed monthly syllabi giving parents more awareness of what their child is learning so they can be as involved as they choose to be; college-like schedule for time management skills; home economics; career counseling; and offering enrichment courses and group activities for adults and children to build community.

Ironwood Academy is accepting applications for grades 1-12 online at its website:  For more information or to schedule a family interview currently available by phone, email us at [email protected] or call 615.589.6312.  Our total enrollment capacity is between 120-180 students.

Ironwood Academy is a Christian, non-denominational hybrid college-preparatory program for students in grades 1-12.  We offer a new approach to parents who want more control over their child’s educational experience and who also want more time together as a family.

Dr. Joshua Straub is a speaker, author, and family and leadership coach. A champion of human empathy, Josh leads Famous at Home, a Spring Hill-based company equipping leaders, organizations, military families, and churches in emotional intelligence and family wellness. He also is a Fellow of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling. As a marriage and family coach and consultant, and professor of child psychology/crisis response, Josh coaches leaders to be famous at home so they can thrive on their stage. He also speaks regularly for Joint Special Operations Command and serves military families across the country.

Josh is author/ coauthor of six books including Safe House: How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well and coauthor, along with his wife Christi, of their first children’s book, What Am I Feeling?  He and Christi also host the In This Together podcast and, in partnership with LifeWay Christian Resources, are the creators of TwentyTwoSix Parenting, a community of parents growing together to encourage the spiritual growth of their kids.