Ingle Martin Named CPA Director of Transformational Coaching

Ingle Martin

CPA is proud to announce that in addition to his position as Varsity Boys Head Football Coach, Ingle Martin will be stepping into a new leadership role in the CPA athletic program: Director of Transformational Coaching.

The Director of Transformational Coaching will spearhead the growth of the “inside-out” coaching philosophy at CPA athletics. This philosophy, outlined in Joe Ehrmann’s book Inside Out Coaching, centers on the belief that sports can transform lives at every level of play, from the earliest years to the professional level. In his eight years at the Academy, Martin has displayed the qualities of excellence in leadership, mentorship, strategy, and management necessary to carry out this mission on a programmatic scale.

In this new role, Martin will direct all middle and upper school coaches in mission, vision, spiritual growth, team culture, professional development, staffing, and parent engagement. Along with Athletic Director Mike Ellson, Martin will equip coaches to carry out the mission of the school in every practice, game, and event: helping students come to know God, evaluate all knowledge and all life by His truth, and live transformed by His truth for His glory.

This expansion of athletic leadership speaks to the portion of the school’s Strategic Plan to mature the mission.

“We are thrilled for Ingle to step into this leadership role for which he is well equipped. Both the need and the potential for growth and transformation in the world of athletics is great, and we hope to align our coaches and staff under this common vision and purpose for the benefit of every student athlete on our campus,” says Head of School Nate Morrow.