Indie Film Festival Takes Place Aug 14-16 at Franklin Theatre

Franklin Theatre

The third annual Franklin International Indie Film Festival (FIIFF) will take place August 14-16 in Franklin.

“Having received more than 200 submissions the festival program is complete. FIIFF opening night at the Franklin Theater in historic downtown on August 14, 2019 with screen local film director, Barbara Hall’s American Masters film “CHARLEY PRIDE, I’m Just Me”.

“I could not be more excited about the program lineup” said Ms. Puetz. “The storytelling brought by this amazing group of filmmakers is exciting, thought-provoking and most of all entertaining. These filmmakers have carved out their carefully drawn images for film lovers and other filmmakers with a keen eye and great respect for the process. Our festival program is an homage to the power of a truly international group.”

Local filmgoers will be delighted by films as diverse as “I Want My MTV” and “Charley Pride, I’m Just Me” to “Run the North”, a Documentary of an annual Marathon above the Arctic Circle, and ”Nasedonia” a film performed in Esperanza with English subtitles as well as “Jumpin Johnny” that tells the true story of Dr. John Kline of the Harlem Globetrotters and exciting student films such as “Fall” by local filmmaker Savvana Petrou.

The doors open for the FIIFF programming at 9:30 am each day from August 14- 18 with incredible programming in all genre.

As Ms. Puetz said, “From documentary, music and drama to comedy and animation and purpose films, there is a film for everyone to enjoy.”

On Saturday, August 17 daylong programming will be held at Columbia State College with television/ music panels and workshops with such acclaimed experts as Petra Terzi, recent Cannes Film Festival winner of AFI Peacemaker award. Filmmakers represent Cyprus, the Republic of Georgia, Canada, Sweden, Korea and the United States. Local industry greats such as, David Deborde, Andy Hill, Steve Hayes, and others whose passion and knowledge of film, music and media will provide advice and a roadmap for longterm success. A long-requested workshop presented by Seed and Spark, the Indie Film crowdfunding platform is also on the program for Saturday.

See the complete schedule here. Purchase tickets to attend here.