The Eagle has Landed: Independence Flies Past Summit

Williamson County Football

By: Amber Pennycuff

The Eagle has landed is the perfect term for tonight’s match-up.  Summit High School traveled down to Independence for a Williamson County match-up. The Eagles flew past the Spartans winning 56-7.

The skydivers and the homecoming attendees weren’t the only ones rushing the field tonight.

The Eagles ignited the turf tonight, starting off strong.

Right into the first half, senior Vic Wharton III dominated running in for the first touchdown of the night for Independence with 10:31 left in the first half.  Wharton had four touchdowns last game, and he did not slow it down against Summit.

Rashaan Gaulden decided to join Wharton in a touchdown victory bringing the score to 14-0, with 5:24 left in the first.

Summits Dee Hunter drove into the end zone to score the Spartans only touchdown of the night.

Wharton gained some yardage with 11 minutes in the half to bring the ball down the field.  With 9:10 left, the Eagles certainly had a “third time is the charm” mentality.  Gaulden was finally able to make contact with a complete pass into the end zone to bring the score 21-7.

Finis Stribling was also making big plays tonight on the field.  Having two interceptions already by the end of the half, Stribling’s yardage certainly made way for Wharton’s next two touchdowns.

With less than two minutes left in the second, quarterback Caleb Hollis fired one right at senior Deion Sims to bring the score 42-7 before halftime.

Into the third, the Eagles’ Daniel Wright made another touchdown closing in on the fourth (56-7) and forced a Mercy Rule.  The clock rolled on throughout the fourth and stamped a closing win for Independence.

Independence will take on Beech at home next week, and Summit will be on Spartans territory once again against West Creek.

The Williamson Source will keep you updated on these teams and others in Williamson County throughout the season.