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Since 2004, the Independence Marching Band has been performing with the level of Indy Pride that the entire school exemplifies. The marching band can be seen performing at pep rallies, football games, weekend contests, parades, etc. Mrs. Mollie Mark, Director of Bands for Independence, strongly believes in performing for the community and says: “By performing for the public, every member of the Independence Marching Band gains confidence and learns the importance of giving back to the community”.

The Independence Marching Band is now in need of the community’s support to help them reach their goal of new uniforms for the fall season. “Our existing uniforms are well-loved, but it is time to retire them. They are 13 years old and the average life span of a competitive marching band uniform is 8 years. The uniforms are becoming unwearable and they need a lot of pieces, like buttons, replaced just to keep them presentable.” says Mrs. Mark.

The Independence High School Band Booster Organization (IHSBBO) is holding a uniform drive which includes direct donations to the uniform fund and a U.S. Flag Subscription Service that was kicked off earlier this year. According to Mrs. Amy Atkin, IHSBBO President, “The down payment for the uniforms has already been made and they are in the process of construction. We will need to make the final payment before we can take possession of them and hope to do so later this summer.”

Mrs. Atkin goes on to say: “The U.S. Flag Subscription Service is a program that most Williamson County band programs participate in. We have an agreement with each other to stay within our zoned communities and it’s a program which we all want to see each other benefit from. It’s a fantastic service to provide for the community and our students benefit greatly from the experience.” The U.S. Flag Subscription service consists of flag installations by Indy band students for four holidays and are available in 1 or 2 year subscriptions.

The Independence Marching Band students have worked hard to raise funds, but they are in need of approximately $13,000 to keep their Indy Pride strong and keep the band looking its best.

To order a flag subscription, residents within the Independence High School zone* can do so online or by mailing a check in the amount of $40 (1 year subscription) or $75 (2 year subscription) to the mailing address below. Be sure to include your email and installation address with your payment.

To order online.

Mailing address for checks. Independence High School Attn: Mrs. Mollie Mark 1776 Declaration Way Thompson’s Station, TN 37179

You can also make a donation to the uniform fund directly. Contributions start at $5.00.

*If you are outside of the Independence High School zone, please contact your Williamson County School Band Booster Organization for more information on their program.

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