In Case Y’all Missed It: 5 Top Stories of the Week

Waffle House

In case you missed it, here are the top five most-read stories from the week:

harpeth river
By Flickr user amerune

1Franklin PD Identify Body Found in Harpeth River

Franklin Police have identified the body found in the Harpeth River Saturday to be Jason Reaves, age 42. Read More.

2Franklin’s ‘Red House’ Will No Longer Serve as an Event Venue

The historic home in downtown Franklin, The Red House, which has been a destination for parties, weddings and celebrity events announced on Sunday that it will no longer be a venue space. Read More.

3New Waffle House to Open in Franklin

Waffle House will open a second location in Franklin, in the parking lot of Lowe’s located at 3060 Mallory Ln, Franklin. Read More.

47 Things You Shouldn’t Buy at Walmart

Walmart is a place to buy practically everything. You can even get an oil change while you shop, fill a prescription, buy groceries, furniture….you get the picture. Cheatsheet has done some research and found these items that you should never buy at Walmart. Read More.

cummins falls
Cummins Falls, Photo:

55 Must See Tennessee Waterfalls

Tennessee is a hotbed for rocks and rivers, so it is no wonder that we also have a ton of waterfalls as well. Waterfalls are some of the best natural beauties to behold and enjoy especially. While many already know about Ruby Falls as one of the best Tennessee waterfalls, we have many more that you should check out too. Whether you make a road trip and visit all five or take a weekend to enjoy one, you’re sure to love these five waterfalls. Read More.