IKEA Will Not Move Forward with Nashville Expansion

ikea middle tennessee
photo from IKEA

As shoppers were dreaming of shopping at an IKEA in the Nashville area, news came that plans for the Swedish superstore to open in Antioch had fallen through.

Nashville developer received notice that IKEA will not move forward with the new IKEA store in Antioch reported Nashville Business Journal.

The company is rethinking its expansion prospects,  withdrawing other plans for stores across the US.

However, the developer of the Antioch property where IKEA would have been built, Oldacre McDonald, issued a statement they will continue to forge ahead with the mixed-use project planned for the property called Century Farms.

“A development of the magnitude of Century Farms would never hinge on the plans of one retailer, as our team always anticipates that global issues unrelated to our property can impact plans related to development,” wrote company principals Bill Oldacre, Mark McDonald and David Young. “Changes by an Ikea, although disappointing, are unrelated to this development and would never derail the planning of a project of the complexity and scope of Century Farms.”

For now, the only IKEA store in Tennesee is located in Memphis which opened back in 2016.

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