IKEA Tests First U.S. Pickup Point in Nashville

ikea middle tennessee
photo from IKEA

Raise your hand if you were disappointed IKEA decided not to build a store in the Nashville area.

But there is good news, IKEA is piloting a new program where existing customers can pick up items in Nashville. Customers order items online with a pick-up location on Spence Lane, reported WPLN.

“At IKEA U.S., we’re on a journey to transform our business to meet our customers wherever they are and however they like to shop,” IKEA told WPLN News in an emailed statement.

If the pilot performs well, it may become more widely available to more shoppers.


  1. The question is, how much will it cost to ship it to that location. Might as well just have it shipped to your home. That’s much more convenient. However, of it’s free to pick up without a shipping fee, then it might be a good idea. Otherwise, it’s a useless idea.

  2. The other question is, what is “an existing customer?” I’ve shopped at IKEA for years… how do they determine “existing???”

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