I Love Juice Bar Opens in Spring Hill

I Love Juice Bar Spring Hill

Planned since last Winter, I Love Juice Bar opened Friday in Spring Hill, in part of the nearly 150-year old Kissing House. William Benedict, who bought the 412 McLemore Avenue house in 2016, is the franchisee with Fresh Hospitality.

The opening was announced on Facebook. The store’s hours are Mon-Fri 6:30a to 6:30p, Saturday 9a-4p and Sunday 11a-4p

I Love Juice specializes in smoothies and juices and also offers some food items. They are vegetarian, gluten-free, organic when possible, and uses 100% whole fruits and vegetables in their products. Two popular items are their Super Greens juice with local wheat grass and superfoods salad with kale, spinach, organic quinoa and fresh-juiced lemon dressing.

About The Kissing House
The 2,060 square foot house has a 1,000 square foot store now, that maintained and protects the historic parts of it. The store, with deck, is in a separate expansion part of the actual historical house, so as to preserve and protect the integrity of the house.

The house has always been residential, but Benedict, a longtime Spring Hill resident, said that the new commercial element will help preserve and protect the integrity of the historical house.

Known as the Ritter Morton House, or the Kissing House, it was built in 1870 by Peter and Elizabeth Ritter. The Carpenter-Gothic style home was later sold to Sara Odil. Odil was betrothed to an older gentleman, but later found out he had spurned her and married someone else.

So, after a lawsuit brought by Odil and her family, she bought the home.