How Hytch Rewards Offers Carbon Zero Commuting

hytch rewards

Hytch announced its launch of the nation’s largest carbon offset program that is totally free to any commuter who cares to reduce their carbon footprint. The platform tracks tailpipe emissions from all makes and models of automobiles, then determines how many tonnes of carbon credits Hytch and its partners will purchase to make your trip carbon neutral. Commuters can download the free Hytch app from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Transportation remains a major source of greenhouse gas emissions today. Employers, brands and governments are partnering with Hytch to measure and monitor mobility incentives, as they strive to reach commute trip reduction goals and verify shared rides.

“Hytch technology makes carbon zero commuting accessible to everyone,” says J. Thomas Ranken, President and CEO of the Clean Tech Alliance, based in Seattle. “This will really help employers to directly engage their entire workforce incorporate sustainability goals.”

“The scale of this initiative is exciting,” says Steve Hellem, CEO of Suppliers Partnership for the Environment, an innovative collaboration between automakers, their suppliers and the US EPA. “Hytch epitomizes what our member companies are committed to: improving the global climate, driving economic development and creating new opportunities for our country.”

A significant shift in commuter behavior is necessary to make progress against pressing quality of life issues, from traffic congestion to air quality concerns. To win the day, it’s important to have an easy and highly trusted logging system to get a more complete inventory of all trips, including mass transit, walking, biking and driving alone.

“Investors, consumers and employees are dialing up the pressure and demanding carbon zero leadership,” says Mark A. Cleveland, Co-Founder of Hytch, based in Nashville. “We find hope for our future when big and small companies make strong carbon neutral commitments, and beginning this holiday season, Hytch and our partners are enabling American commuters to give planet Earth the gift of carbon zero commuting. Our partners are targeting carbon zero commuting and our strategy gets stakeholders involved, because that’s where the most critical change needs to happen.”