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When you’ve been in the Nashville area as long as the real estate professionals at Warren Bradley Partners, it’s no surprise that Nashville has become one of the most popular “It” cities in the US. The only thing you wonder is why it’s taken the rest of the country so long to figure out how great our “big little town” is.

Although some people think our popularity is due to the beauty of the countryside, the music, and the nightlife, and we do have all those things, folks might be surprised to learn that the real attraction for many newcomers is the job market.

Job seekers currently in Nashville or relocating from other areas will find a wide variety of opportunities. However, two of the largest sectors in Nashville, outside of music, are healthcare-related businesses and established, as well as up and coming, technology companies.

Nashville has long been considered the healthcare services capital of the US. In the 1960s, physician Tommy Frist (you might remember a TN senator with that last name), his father, and businessman Jack Massey started a little enterprise they called Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Today that little company is the nation’s largest health system, and Nashville is now home to over 500 healthcare businesses and corporate headquarters of 17 publicly traded healthcare companies. These businesses generate more than 570,000 jobs. Additionally, more than 400 professional service firms (accounting, legal, architecture, etc.), providing health industry expertise to clients in all 50 states, make their homes in Nashville.

Just a few of the healthcare and healthcare-related companies that hire thousands of employees in the Nashville area include HCA, HealthStream, MEDHOST, LifePoint, Acadia Healthcare, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, and PathGroup.

Nashville has also seen huge growth in the technology sector over the past few years. Amazon recently completed one of two planned office buildings in Nashville, with the second expected to be open in 2023. Amazon officials say the company expects to hire at least 5,000 employees in the area to fill positions in these new facilities.

Other tech giants coming to the area include Oracle, which has temporarily leased space in downtown Nashville while awaiting the completion of a new tech campus on the East Bank of the Cumberland. Oracle plans to hire upwards of 8,500 employees with average salaries in the six figures. Facebook also has a new campus in the works just a few minutes north in Gallatin, which should be complete sometime in 2023.

The interesting thing about these current and upcoming opportunities in the Nashville area is that experts say, as things currently stand, we will likely experience a shortage of qualified workers over the next 10 years. Clearly, opportunity awaits.

So, if you’re thinking of relocating to Nashville or are a local considering buying a new home closer to the booming job market, Warren Bradley Partners can help you with information on where the best neighborhoods are in close proximity to the best jobs. We are experts at putting your needs first, with complete discretion. For more information, Click Here!

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