How You Can Rent a Chicken for the Summer

rent the chicken

Have you ever considered having chickens but weren’t sure you were ready for such a long-term commitment?

Rent The Chicken solves that problem. Rent the Chicken brings you everything you need – 2-4 chickens, feed, coup, chicken keeping book and egg cartons

Rentals are from May/June through November and is available for Brentwood, Franklin, and Murfreesboro area. And if you fall in love with your chickens, you can keep them instead of returning them. Prices range from $450-$650. Learn more at

Founded in 2013 by Homestead Phil and & Jenn, they have over 45 affiliate farms they work with across the country with 3,000 – 6,000 hens available for rental. Rent the Chicken even made an appearance at the Southern Women’s Show in Nashville.

In a recent interview, the couple shared the reason they chose chickens for their business is because they don’t require a lot of space and they feed you breakfast every morning!

Just how was Rent the Chicken hatched? The couple shared with Wide Open Pets.

Homestead Phil was laying in bed one night. Knowing that Homestead Jenn’s contract job was going to come to an end, we wanted to find something she could do that wasn’t the typical job. Homestead Phil googled “Crazy Business Ideas” and behold he found on one of the‘s websites the top 7 crazy business ideas. Renting chickens was one of them.

Customers receive the signature miniature red barn for their chickens with the “Rent the Chicken” inscription. We suggest checking with your homeowner’s association before choosing to use the service. You can find all of the detail on their website here. Take a look at a recent Instagram post with a happy customer.