How You Can Own a Prop from “Nashville” Show

Nashville on CMT

The show “Nashville” has wrapped its last episode. Taping for the final episodes have finished and now all of their items used in the show are for sale.

On Facebook, Charles Esten who played “Deacon” posted a video announcing the sale which will take place April 19-21.

As Esten starts the video where he is sitting in Deacon’s chair, he says he just purchased it but you the fans can come to the warehouse and purchase other items that were used on the show. The video shows a warehouse that looks to be full of furniture, accessories and more.

To shop the sale, you must email [email protected] for an invite.

Who’s ready for a shopping trip?  Let us know if you attend the sale and what treasure you find.

CMT announced the final eight episodes of the show “Nashville” will begin airing on June 7 at 9 p.m., with the series finale set to air on July 26.