How Waxing the City is Changing the Beauty Industry

waxing the city franklin staff

The waxing business has been booming over the last several years. The evidence is all around us with the number of salons and specialized waxing centers that continue to pop up in the community. However, one company is changing the beauty industry with their customer-centric waxing studios that make getting a wax a friendly, comfortable and safe experience.

Waxing the City, which has a new location in Franklin on Columbia Ave, has a client-catered vision for their business. Their focus on customer service can be seen in the design of their studio, their waxing practices and even the specific waxes they use.

“Other waxing salons will try to turn tables as quickly as possible, without regard for customer service or satisfaction. At Waxing the City, the customer is catered to until the service is completely finished, regardless of the time spent,” says Kurt Weil, owner of Waxing the City Franklin.

Waxing the City’s mission is to bring these four elements to all of their patrons:

1. A comfortable, contemporary, and ultra-clean setting
2. The best trained and most qualified technicians, which are called Cereologist, a title unique to Waxing the City.
3. Superior waxing, at the best prices, and with the best client experience
4. Superior products for the ultimate in pre- and post-waxing care and maintenance

What some people may not know is that not all wax is the same, which is why Waxing the City sought out the perfect wax for their customers.

“Waxing the City has specially made wax from Europe. We offer both hard wax and soft wax, which is uncommon and helps to get the best possible outcome no matter where your body is waxed. We want to make sure that our clients are educated on waxing and we will answer any and all questions that a first time waxing customer may have,” says Kurt Weil.

Along with the specialized wax, their estheticians receive specialized training, in which they spend a week in Denver getting hands-on training. The training is followed by six weeks of evaluations and assessments to ensure quality across the board. Upon completion of the training, they are then established Cerologists who know waxing inside and out.

This rigorous training program is all part of Waxing the City’s mission to bring their customers the best experience possible.

“From the start, the founders were committed to hiring the best and making them better. At Waxing the City you will experience the art of a better wax!” says Weil.

Visit Waxing the City in Franklin at 3046 Columbia Ave, Suite 114. For more information on Waxing the City, visit their website.