How Traffic Has Become Williamson County’s Biggest Problem

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Today, Williamson Source begins an in-depth look at Williamson County traffic in a 5 week long special report. Williamson County has become the fastest growing county in Tennessee and with that title comes a lot of traffic issues and concerns. If you live or work in Williamson County, you have surely encountered some traffic congestion. The current traffic concerns are a culmination of years of growth. We wanted to know your thoughts on traffic and asked our readers to complete a quick survey on their experience with local traffic. Over 1,000 readers completed the survey and next week, we will present the results of our traffic survey.

Today, we take a look at the factors that have contributed to today’s traffic concerns.

What has contributed to the traffic?

Business Growth

Businesses of all kinds and sizes have been attracted to Williamson County.

“Over half of the Nashville region’s largest publicly traded companies call Williamson County home and for 3 years in a row 33% of the fastest growing companies in Tennessee have been based in Williamson County. With nearly 9 million square feet of class A and B office space, Williamson County has a proven track record of attracting regional, national, and international corporate headquarters, including Nissan Americas, Mars Petcare, Tractor Supply Company, and Community Health Systems.  Williamson County is one of only two counties in Tennessee with a AAA bond rating. With over 6 million square feet of zoned office space ready to go, Williamson County is the ideal location,” Williamson Inc.

According to 2015 Trends Report written by Williamson Inc, 29,000 people commute into Davidson County for work and 23,000 people who live in Davidson County commute into Williamson County for work.

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Families are attracted to Williamson County for its excellent school system, low crime rates, accesibility to parks and family friendly atmosphere.

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In addition to businesses and families moving to the area, Williamson County has seen a steady increase in population since 1990. Since 2000, Williamson County has seen a growth of almost 75,000 people, which is about 5,300 new residents per year.

As you can see in the table below, it is projected that Williamson County will grow at a rate of 28.2% and by the year 2020, the county will have 33,346 new residents.

williamson county population growth
Williamson Inc


Williamson County’s popularity has put the county on the map as one of the best places to be for work, family and fun.

Williamson County Recognitions:

These types of recognitions have surely contributed to the county’s growth. Now, the county and the state are working towards accomodating the new businesses, commuters and residents by addressing the ever growing traffic problems that many of us face every day.

Stay tuned as we bring you more stories on current traffic issues, road projects, road safety and more.

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