How To Style Your Bookshelves Like A Pro

By: Amanda Gates
AB HOME Interiors

Bookcase-design-extraBookshelves may seem like a utilitarian place to store books and every odd ball item you own but they really are not for the faint at heart. Our homes have beautiful architectural details like bookshelves, that if styled right can instantly give your room a face-lift, and showcase your most prized objects with style. Today I helped a client style her book shelf with items she already had and the results were stunning. Here is her before to the right:

My best advice when tackling a bookshelf? Don’t be afraid to edit. Many of my clients over decorate their shelves and want to show off everything they own– books, tchotchkes, accessories, doo dads, the kid’s art and more. Instead, rotate your collections and books for a more organized look. Use like-minded items, like pottery, colors, finishes or objects that display well and are easy on the eyes. Always leave room to add new books or found items. Never fill a bookcase entirely with books. Preposterous I know! But to achieve a well organized and pleasing bookshelf display, you must include a mixture of art, books and accessories. As an added bonus I always recommend adding light to highlight prized art, pottery or sculpture. With these tips in mind, view the after above!

In addition to a great mixture of items, remember to have fun with it. Bookshelves are a great way to share your personality and adventures with friends, family and neighbors and keeps terrific memories alive.


Top photo: after
Bottom Photo: before
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