How to Prepare Moving with Pets

moving with pets

Moving is a major life event for the whole family, and that includes our four-legged family members as well. Pets can be even more uncomfortable during a move than humans, because they really don’t know what is happening. Most animals develop separation anxiety from past vacations and other instances where they have been away from their owners. This is a natural fear for pets to have. This is why it is so important to prepare and nurture your pets through the moving process. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is here to give you some advice on this topic and help your animals relax when it comes time to head to their new home.

Before the move
If you are moving out of state, do your research. Some states have rules and regulations when it comes to owning a pet. Make sure they are up to date on all the correct vaccinations, before you head to the new state. Don’t forget to get a copy of their vet records before heading out.

If you are only moving a short distance away, it is a good idea to familiarize your pet with their new surroundings. Take them for a visit to their new home. This way it won’t be completely foreign to them on move day.

Also, don’t forget to give a little extra affection prior to moving day. Reassure your furry friend that you are not leaving them behind, but you are starting a new adventure together! A little extra effort on your animal’s behalf will be rewarded with a less anxious pet when the time comes to move.

Moving Day
Having moved with a dog many times, my best advice is schedule a play date at a friend or family member’s house for your animal. If possible, let your children join in on that play date, so your pet feels less abandoned. This will keep them away from the confusion of moving, the stress of strangers in their home, and it just keeps them out of harm’s way as the movers are taking the furniture out of the house.

If a play date is not possible, let the animal meet the movers unrestrained (if your pet is friendly!) It may help to have some treats for the movers to give the pet to show that they are friendly and not a threat. After the animal has relaxed a bit, put he or she in a secured area (kennel, baby gate, etc.), preferably where they can see you. Putting them in an isolated room could cause them further stress since they know something is happening, but they can’t see it.

Here a few items to make sure to keep in your Day of the Move box for your furry friends:

  • Food and treats
  • Food and water bowls
  • Photos of your pet (just in case they get out during the move)
  • Paper towels for muddy paws or accidents
  • An old towel
  • Any medications your pets needs
  • Leach
  • Pet bed and toys
  • Plastic Waste Bags

When packing your car be sure to leave plenty of room for your pal to ride along! By giving ample space, they will be more comfortable and relaxed during the drive to their new home. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® never supports transporting your animals via airplane if they cannot be in the cabin with the owner.

Their new home
Immediately introduce your pet to the new surroundings, allowing them to explore each room. Don’t rush them. Bring in their food and water dishes, along with their toys, to make them more contented. To help with the adjustment, place familiar items in locations similar to the old house—at least for a period of time. Also, follow their current routines; they have had enough changes already.

Animals are much like humans. It takes some time to get adjusted. After a few weeks, they should have made their adjustments and back to normal living in their new home.
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