How to Measure for Flooring

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The first step towards new flooring is to measure. Here are three things you need to know – how to measure, why you should hire a professional to measure, and how to calcuate your square footage.

1. How to measure your floors.

Measuring will help you estimate how much flooring you’ll need to order and how much it will cost. To get a basic idea of the amount of flooring you’ll need, use a standard tape measure to measure the length and width of your room and write down the measurements. Sometimes it helps to draw a simple diagram of the room if you’re dealing with various lengths and widths. If you want a more accurate measurement or are dealing with more than one room, consider contacting an expert from your local Carpet One Floor & Home store for an in-home measurement.

2. Why You Should Hire a Professional to Get Accurate Measurements.

It’s best to hire a professional to measure your home for new floors. A professional can provide a more accurate measurement and estimate, which will help you stay within budget and prevent you from ordering too much or too little flooring material. The amount of product needed will be greater than the actual square footage of your room in case any materials are damaged during installation or there are awkward angles that require specially cut pieces. A professional can spot things like uneven sub-floors, odd-shaped rooms, awkward corners or seam placement considerations that may require special steps, like a customized cut, during installation.

3. How do I Calculate the Square Footage of Your Floor?

Once you know the dimensions of your space you can calculate the square footage by multiplying its length (in feet) by its width (in feet). Finding the square footage of an odd-shaped room or multiple rooms requires a few more math steps. For a more accurate measurement, consider contacting an expert from your local Carpet One Floor & Home store for an in-home measurement.

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