How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in the Winter

So you’ve already done the fertilization and aerating before the first frost of the winter season to prepare your yard for the spring, but once winter is in full swing, many wonder how to keep their lawn healthy. Many mistakenly think there’s nothing to do during the winter, but while there definitely isn’t as much to do, here are a few tips to maintaining a healthy lawn all winter long.

Keep your lawn neat

After the leaves have fallen and the last mows of the season have dropped off, winter is the time to spruce up the yard and declutter. It’s so easy to say to yourself that it’s a long, cold winter and there is really nothing to do. However, winter is the time where branches tend to fall, stray logs and toys tend to nest at home, and the lawn furniture becomes overlooked.

Once the temperature drops into the long cold spells and we get the admittedly rare snow falls, getting outside to do the random lawn work will make simple tasks more of a chore. Take the time to clear off your lawn and furniture now, then when the branches and things do fall, it’ll be easier to do those small tasks as they come.

The longer the objects sit on your grass, the more likely you’ll end up with dead spots in your lawn.

Avoid Excessive Lawn Traffic

While the kid playing in the lawn won’t make much of a difference the majority of the time, the more traffic that a lawn has, the more likely your grass will have a difficult time growing back. We all know about the well walked path where grass doesn’t have a chance to grow. During the winter, it can be easy to forget and just cut through, but it’s actually a time when your grass needs the break.

Further, with all the family coming in for the holidays, people can be tempted to skip the street parking and instead park on the lawn. Make sure that if you want a healthy, green lawn in the spring that you kindly ask them to skip parking on your lawn to keep it healthy.

Keep sidewalks and walkways clear

While this doesn’t really do anything for your lawn directly, keeping sidewalks and walkways clear will help to encourage people to stay off of your lawn. It also helps to reduce falls and scrapes that may happen because of slippery ice, snow, or debris that can accumulate. While the lawn benefits from the redirected traffic, you also benefit from great safety consciousness.

Doing these tasks can help you to make those spring preparations for your yard more effective and easier to do once the nicer weather does arrive. Then you can spend more time enjoying the spring weather and less time worrying about and caring for your yard.

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