How To Bring Unused Space To Life

By: Amanda Gates,
AB HOME Interiors

unused room spaceAs homeowners when we buy our first home we often overlook small details like electrical outlets in the floor, or air returns in the entry hall. Isolated on their own they’d stand out like sore thumbs, but when masked by the excitement of buying a home with all the other details, it can easily get lost in the shuffle. Recently, I was hired by a couple who’s stunning new home in Franklin had an unusual spot between the kitchen and family room. Not quite large enough to be deemed a full size room but  large enough to create too much dead space on it’s own.

unused room space 2This space is incredibly challenging in that there are three major traffic patterns running through it, and the one leading to the Kitchen would be considered by most as important. My plan is to create a comfortable seating arrangement that accommodates the family for morning coffee, and a comfy space for the new baby to roam around.

The furniture I selected is from LEE industries. Easy, comfortable and the fabrics are highly durable to withstand active family life. The rug, from Crate & Barrel, is an outdoor rug, built to take a lot of traffic and abuse. Combine this with a pop of unexpected color for the wall paint, a stunning floor lamp and contemporary art and this space will come alive! Stay tuned for updates as this project unfolds!


Amanda Gates
AB HOME Interiors
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