How to Bring Unused Space to Life Part 2

In late April, we showed you how interior designer, Amanda Gates, planned to transform some “dead space” into something extraordinary in Part 1 of How to Bring Unused Space to Life. Her project is finished and the results are amazing. Check out the final product!

The Reveal
By:  Amanda Gates
AB HOME Interiors

When working with an interior designer many clients have to take a leap of faith and trust the designers ideas and process. I can typically see things from start to finish and know exactly what it is a client needs to bring their space together.  I originally met with Mrs. S in April and immediately wanted to bring life to this unusual and awkward space between the kitchen and living room.
unused space

I envisioned a space that would help transition the kitchen, dining nook and living room easily and comfortably. I wanted to inject her home with some much-needed color and give the new baby a great place to play. My plan:

decor 3

I wanted to give her a small love seat that could be used as a dining bench in the future, should she need it for the holidays. I also wanted a chair that could seamlessly swivel between this space and the living room, while providing the new baby with a comfy ottoman. Essentially, this space would have something for everyone!

The sofa would be upholstered in a chenille navy, the ottoman in a colorful floral and the chair in a fun, colorful stripe. Not sure that Mrs. S had any plans for this space, I explained my ideas and showed her the concept. She loved it and took that necessary leap of faith that many clients do to take her space from ordinary to extraordinary.

My team and I had everything delivered while Mrs. S was at work. Like little elves, we went to work to get everything set up perfectly. A little past 2pm we called Mrs. S to let her know that the space was completed. She was thrilled with the results and so are we!

decor 2


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