How Snow Damages Different Materials

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Cold climates are tough on homes. Whether it’s damage from ice dams or roof collapses due to the added weight of snow. Annual inspections go a long way in preventing damage from becoming costly. And choosing the right materials also helps set your home up for the worst of winter weather.

Snow damages materials in different ways so we’ll take a look at your best options to keep the damage to a minimum.

Metal And Slate

Two of the more popular cold climate roofs are metal and slate. Each has pros and cons, but both are purpose-built to withstand as much of the winter weather as possible. 

Metal Roofing

Metal is a great option for cold climates as they’re resistant to snow and ice formation. Ice slides right off and snow doesn’t catch on the material. This reduces weight, pressure and eliminates the need to add additional structure to keep your roof sound.

Metal roofing is often designed to withstand high winds, so it makes a great option for roofing in areas prone to blizzards and windy conditions.

One con of metal roofing is the material is thin and may need additional insulation to keep your home warm.

Slate Roofing

Slate is durable and it looks great, but it’s one of the heaviest materials to use for roofing. You’ll need additional structure built into your home to support the added weight of slate tiles and the price of this material will add up quickly.

Slate handles the cold well and has improved insulation over metal roofing so it does well in the extreme cold.

Slate works best on sloped roofs.

Winter Weather Damage

No material is immune to damage from the weather. Over time extreme conditions may cause damage to your roof material and repairs or an outright replacement may be in order. Metal and slate roofs are both susceptible to damage in their own ways.

Damage To Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is resilient and one of the most weather-resistant options available. While snow and ice build ups are a possibility, most of this tends to roll off and doesn’t become a serious issue. Metal roofing is more susceptible to damage when damage occurs to it. Check for cracks in your roof and plan on annual inspections if your winters are tough.

Damage To Slate Roofing

Slate is durable, but it’s still susceptible to damage. If your winters are long, harsh and subject to extreme temperatures, be mindful of your roof. Cracks and soft spots can lead to ice dams and water damage so an ounce of prevention goes a long way. If your winters are harsh, plan on annual inspections or make the rounds yourself to make sure there are no glaring issues.

Prevention Is Key

You might have noticed that annual inspections go a long way to preventing serious damage and keeping your roof safe and intact. If you have concerns, reach out to us at Roof Doctors for a professional inspection. Keep them up and you’ll go a long way in preventing winter damage to your roof!

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