Snapchat filters have become ways to “dress-up” your selfie without having to do anything but select a filter.

However, for this Halloween, these same Snapchat filters are trending as easy go-to costumes that really require little preparation and certainly will be the talk of the party. From the Goddess to the Puppy, we found these easy DIY instructions for your favorite pop-culture costume.





Here are the instructions that we found for the puppy at PopSugar. If you want to bring your favorite Snapchat filter to life, you’ll need:

Snapchat Filter Costume

Several colors of felt
Wooden kebab skewers or popsicle sticks
Wardrobe (or skin-friendly) tape
Hot glue gun

To achieve the puppy filter, simply create felt cutouts of puppy ears and features using a Snapchat selfie for reference. Attach the ears to your headbands, then attach the puppy nose to your own using wardrobe tape. Hold up a felt puppy tongue using a small wooden stick, and voila!

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