How Often Do You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

McCalls Carpet One

How often do you have your carpets cleaned? We asked McCalls Carpet One their recommendation.

“Professionally cleaning your carpets every 12-18 months is required by most manufacturers to keep warranties up to date. Doing so helps pull dirt and oils from the carpet and rejuvenates the fibers,” said Carl Kahle of McCalls Carpet One in Franklin.

And when making that purchase for your carpet pad, Kahle adds this.

“Carpet pads with moisture barriers help prevent stains from seeping into the pad and coming back after the carpets have been cleaned, and for the small amount of money to upgrade to a better pad, it is well worth the investment.”

Here are other tips on caring for your carpet.

  • Do vacuum heavy traffic areas twice per week — be sure to review maintenance instructions for vacuum cleaners that are approved for use on your specific floor type.
  • Do rotate furniture in your room can help prevent permanent indentation.
  • Do perform a deep cleaning (or have a professional cleaning) in high traffic rooms every 18-24 months.

What Not To Do:

    • Do not use any household cleaners that are not listed within the approved cleaner in your care and maintenance instructions.
    • Do not use any cleaning methods that are not mentioned within the manufacturer label in order to maintain your manufacturer warranty.



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