How Downtown Franklin Changed in 2017

231 Public Square











4.Public Square 231

The renovation of the First Tennessee Bank building on the square in downtown Franklin, also known as Public Square 231, went from just beginning to close to completion in 2017.

While the crown jewel of the project will be its 4,000-square-foot rooftop restaurant, once complete– sometime in mid-2018, developers say– it will also have a 6,500 square-foot ground level restaurant that opens to the Square and 20,000 square feet of Class A office space on two floors.

The rooftop restaurant will be the first of its kind in the county. Developer Bernie Butler of D9 Development will not yet say on the record who the restaurant will be, but if you ask around downtown, the shop owners and other workers all seem to have the same name in mind for who it will be.

As for the rest of 231 Public Square, most of the space has been leased out already. Butler said only three of the office suites remain yet to be leased.

“An opportunity like this doesn’t exist in Williamson County today, and the location could not be more perfect,” he said.

The style of the 231 Public Square building promises to re-envision the 1970s-era former First Tennessee building, With 160 linear feet of 14-foot high first-floor windows and a large patio street-side, the building will become a destination for locals and visitors. Inside, a grand lobby and multi-floor architectural stairwell will greet patrons, along with passenger and service elevators for easy access to the rooftop restaurant. Outside, a private fountain courtyard will offer a respite from the action on the Square for the guests of the restaurant and tenants.