A recent study ranking all the states based on DUI-related issues ranks Tennessee 19th (1st is worst, 50th is best).

The study, conducted by Backgroundchecks.org with data from the Center for Disease Control and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, looked at DUI-related deaths, DUI arrests per 100,000 people, and drinking too much before driving, as reported by drivers themselves, in order to create the ranking.


Tennessee Stats

Tennessee had the 15th highest rate of DUI arrests per 100,000 people, with 23,150 total. 252 people died from DUI-related crashes in 2015 (the most recent stats and year used in the study). Texas, with 1,323, had the most, followed by 914 in California and 797 in Florida.

The highest death rates were in Wyoming (9.56), Montana (7.19) and North Dakota (6.6). Tennessee’s rate was 3.79 per 100,000 people.

Where Tennessee did have one of the best data was in the percentage of drivers who reported having ever driven drunk. With 1.1 percent of drivers polled admitting driving after drinking too much, it was the 7th lowest rate. West Virginia (.05 percent), Georgia (.07 percent) and Utah (.08 percent) had the lowest rates. North Dakota, at 3.4 percent saying they drove drunk. was the highest.

According to the study, the state with the most DUI arrests is North Dakota, but Wyoming ranked as the worst state overall because they’ve seen a 16.7% increase in DUI-related accidents and arrests and had 56 fatalities in 2015.