How do You Know if Your Child is Vaping?

From WCS inFocus

How do you know if your child is vaping? It’s a question many parents struggle with, but unless you know what to look for, finding an answer can be difficult.

Since many vaping devices are inconspicuous and most vapor is either odorless or has a sweet smell, many adolescents find it easy to hide their habits.

That’s why Williamson County Schools is working once again with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office to bring you this latest video. In it, WCS Safety and Security Coordinator Nick Vacco explains why vaping is such a serious problem and some of the clues parents can look for to determine if their child is vaping.

“We’ve all seen the news reports that show just how dangerous vaping can be,” said Vacco. “We want parents to talk to their students and explain to them the serious consequences vaping can have on their health. We also want to educate parents about these devices and how they work. That way, parents will know what to look for if they suspect their child is vaping.”

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