Whether you’re aging, were recently pregnant, or have simply developed a condition that has thrown your hormones off balance, your body may need a boost to put things back on track. Hormone Replacement Therapy may be a great solution for you.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormones regulate everything from growth, sexual development, the reproductive cycle, digestion, sleep, production of red blood cells, and other general body functions. Hormone Therapy replenishes the hormones that are low to normal levels, so the body can work properly.Hormone replacement therapy typically uses bioidentical hormones that are originally extracted from plants and modified to be identical to human ones. These are typically synthesized into the appropriate compounds by medical pharmaceutical companies.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy is Administered

There are several forms of therapy from pellets, creams, capsules, drops, patches, injections, and several other dosing options. In most cases, clinics use the version most effective for the patient. After testing for and determining the hormone imbalance, a combination of suggestions could be made, such as lifestyle and diet changes, as well, as taking certain hormones to get you balanced.

Most information on hormone replacement therapy tends to center around females, especially those going through menopause. While the hormones may be different in treating hormone imbalance for women and men, the process generally works in the same way.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

Once you take the bioidentical hormone therapy, the effectiveness of the hormones depends on the individual. Some absorb them faster or slower than others. Some experience improvement in just a week, but it could take several weeks or even months for others to feel results.

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